What’s Hanging Over Your Head

Peanuts characters are well known throughout many generations.  One of the characters was named Pigpen because he was filthy.  Every time you saw Pigpen there was a cloud of dirt hanging around him.  When you saw the cloud of dirt you automatically knew, here comes Pigpen.

We too are known by what cloud is hanging around us.  Read the rest of this entry

One Thing

We have all dreamed of coming across that magical lamp. You know, the one where you accidentally rub it and out pops your personal genie. A genie to do your bidding. A genie to answer your every request. We all know the folk lore regarding the genie. The genie grants you three wishes and you must use them wisely, because once you make a wish it cannot be undone without using another wish. However, the original genie found in One Thousand And One Nights was not limited to three wishes. Read the rest of this entry

Finding What You Lost

It happens to everyone at some point in your life.  You are walking around the house, about to leave, and you realize you do not have your keys.   You had them just 1 minute ago when you were about to walk out and remembered you forgot to load something in the car.  Now you are ready to go and you can not find your keys.  There are different tricks we use to find out lost items.  Read the rest of this entry

God Is With You

The first week of December is here and Christmas is just around the bend.  With the onslaught of the holidays there is much to do and much to remember.  There are Christmas presents to buy, trees to decorate, parties to attend, family to entertain and on and on the list goes.  Through the hustle and bustle it is clear that the Christmas message still thrives. As families gather to eat their feasts, a blessing will be said that reminds everyone the understated reason for the season. Read the rest of this entry

How Far Is Too Far?

     In Luke 15 we see the story of a young man who asks for his inheritance and then proceeds to leave home.  It states, “And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country” (Luke 15:13).   When reading this we assume he traveled a long ways.  But “a far country” is relative.  How do you convert “a far country” to miles? Read the rest of this entry

A Work In Progress

       There is no such thing as standing still.  You are constantly moving.  Physically you may stand still. But spiritually and just life in general, you are always moving.  You are either moving forwards or backwards.  If you are not making progress in your walk with God, then you are moving backwards.

       In our daily lives we must strive to be like God.  It is called holiness.  The moment we stop seeking holiness we begin to fall away from God.  You cannot maintain your holiness.  The second you stop moving closer to God you begin to move backwards or away from God. Read the rest of this entry

Constant Force Needed

 This past week has been eye opening for me.  For several hours each day I have gone through scriptures with several of our young men.  We covered topics like the oneness of God, fundamentals of holiness and the doctrine of salvation.  The more I taught and went through these scriptures the bigger my desire to keep reading and studying the scriptures together.  I have watched the same thing take place in these young men.  Their hunger for the word of God has grown throughout the week. Read the rest of this entry