This past week has been eye opening for me.  For several hours each day I have gone through scriptures with several of our young men.  We covered topics like the oneness of God, fundamentals of holiness and the doctrine of salvation.  The more I taught and went through these scriptures the bigger my desire to keep reading and studying the scriptures together.  I have watched the same thing take place in these young men.  Their hunger for the word of God has grown throughout the week.

This phenomenon, if you so call it, correlates directly to Newton’s second law of motion which states that a force applied to a body is directly proportional to the rate of change of the momentum of the body.  Meaning this:  the more you get into the word of God the stronger your relationship with God becomes.  You apply force—reading the word of God—and the outcome is more momentum—you develop a closer walk with God.  This is great as it is cyclical.  You study the word of God and it draws you closer to Him.  When you draw closer to Him you want to spend more time in His word which gives you more momentum.  That’s what I was seeing happening in myself and these young men.  A little bit of spending time in the word of God was causing even more time to be spent in the word of God

But you cannot ignore Newton’s first law of motion.  It states that a body at rest remains at rest and a body in motion remains in motion unless an external force is applied on it.   So ideally if you get your car up to 50 MPH it should continue going 50 MPH until you tell it to stop.  But we all know that if we take our foot off of the gas the car will begin slowing down.  This is because there is an external force called friction constantly working against the forward motion of the car.  Constant energy is needed to be put into the car’s forward momentum in order to maintain a speed of 50 MPH.

We are constantly facing a friction that slows our relationship with God.  It’s called life.  Life has a way of wearing down our walk with God.  A constant energy needs to be applied to maintain our momentum in our relationship with God.  One energy or force we can apply is the reading of God’s word.  It is the power that keeps us moving at the same rate.  But if we put in some extra time studying the word of God we will increase our momentum instead of just maintaining our speed.  Stop applying this force all together and before long, you will be stopped.  Your spiritual progression, or lack thereof, is directly proportional to the amount of force you apply to your life.  If you are not moving in your walk with God, then get in the word of God.  If you hunger for a deeper walk with God, then get in the word of God.  We must daily apply this force to keep moving forward in our relationship with God.