Build Up and Dig Deep

Isaac wondered around the wilderness trying to find a new home.  He recently was kicked out of Philistine because he had prospered so much that the Philistines became afraid of his power and wealth.  As he wandered around, figuring out where to go, the Lord appeared to him in Beersheba.  The Lord confirmed his promises to Isaac and reassured His hand upon his life.  After having his interaction with the Lord, Isaac did two things.  He built an altar and dug a well.  There are two things you must do after an encounter with God, build up and dig deep. Read the rest of this entry

Genealogy Is Important

The study of where you came from is important.  Many people have researched their family lineage to find famous people or even royalty.  It is vital to know where you came from.  But rarely is someone more proud of where they came from then by what they are leaving behind.

There are some people mentioned in the Bible that are notarized by their faith.  Jacob, even though he was the younger son, strove to steal the family blessing from his brother Esau.  Rahab the harlot did not die in Jericho like all of her other neighbors because of her faith.  Ruth married Boaz, her kinsmen because of her faithfulness and favor with God. Read the rest of this entry

Room To Grow

Right now, Gavin, my 3 year old boy, is of an age where we must think ahead.  When we buy pants, we make sure we buy them with “room to grow” in them.  Meaning, if we buy them for what currently fits, then he will outgrow them shortly and we will be back at the store buying him bigger pants.

For some reason, as we grow older, we forget this childhood adage.  We do everything exactly as we currently need it.  Read the rest of this entry