There is no such thing as standing still.  You are constantly moving.  Physically you may stand still. But spiritually and just life in general, you are always moving.  You are either moving forwards or backwards.  If you are not making progress in your walk with God, then you are moving backwards.

       In our daily lives we must strive to be like God.  It is called holiness.  The moment we stop seeking holiness we begin to fall away from God.  You cannot maintain your holiness.  The second you stop moving closer to God you begin to move backwards or away from God.

We must constantly seek holiness in our lives.  We will make mistakes.  We will fail God at times.   As long as our net momentum is positive, meaning that we continue to move forward, God is pleased with our lives.  It is when we stop moving forward that God is displeased with our lives. 

This is why, if we make a mistake, we should get back up and immediately seek after God.  Seek for forgiveness and immediately start following after God again.  If you are truly repentant, then God is quick and just to forgive you.  The longer you berate yourself for your sin, the longer and harder it is to get moving forward in your walk again.

God desires to be in communion with us.  He desires to have a relationship with us.  And as long as we show the desire to be in communion with Him, He accepts us as we are.  Why? Because He knows that as long as we are moving forward we will constantly draw closer to Him and therefore overcome the desires of the flesh. 

God sees you as a finished product even though you are a work in progress.  The only question that remains to be asked is what does your finished product look like?  Are you being shaped and molded into what God would have you to be or are you allowing the things of this world to shape and mold you?  If you are moving forward and seeking holiness in your life, then you are becoming a vessel of honor that God will greatly use.  If you are moving away from God then you will be shaped by the things of this world and unfit to be used in the kingdom of heaven.  Seek God in every aspect of your life and watch Him shape your life into something beautiful.