Isaac wondered around the wilderness trying to find a new home.  He recently was kicked out of Philistine because he had prospered so much that the Philistines became afraid of his power and wealth.  As he wandered around, figuring out where to go, the Lord appeared to him in Beersheba.  The Lord confirmed his promises to Isaac and reassured His hand upon his life.  After having his interaction with the Lord, Isaac did two things.  He built an altar and dug a well.  There are two things you must do after an encounter with God, build up and dig deep.

Isaac built an altar.  An altar is a place of sacrifice.  To us, this is not offering an animal as an offering to God but rather we are to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God.  When God touches you, the best response is sacrifice.  In sacrificing for the kingdom, you are acknowledging that you value His sacrifice for you.  We can sacrifice our wills, our time, our talents, our finances and our resources.  If God has touched you then build up an altar of sacrifice and give back to God in honor of His gift to you.

The second thing to do is to dig deep.  Dig a well.  One of the first things any new land dweller did was to dig a well.  It provided them with one of the basic necessities of life, clean drinking water.  When God appears to us we must dig deep.  It shows a commitment to that place.  It says  to God that you want to live where He meets with you.

It is not coincidental that Isaac built an altar and a well together.  You will find in your life that the most refreshing times are when you are sacrificing for the kingdom.  Build an altar, dig a well and be refreshed.