We, by design, are creatures of habit.  There is a specific routine that we follow every morning.  We reach out automatically to turn on a light.  We do not think about where the light switch is, we just reach out to where we know it is.  It has been proven that it takes about 21 days to form a habit in your life.  When you move into a new house after 21 days you automatically reach for the light switch without thinking about where it is at.  Before then you rummage around in the dark until you find it.

This can work for the good or the bad in our lives.  As creatures of habit we tend to allow bad habits to form without being consciously aware of it.  We overeat instead of stopping when we are full.  We react to situations by lashing out instead of stepping back and evaluating.  These are common bad habits.  Ways in which we act without thinking about it.  On the contrary, good habits do not just accidently form.  We have to work hard to establish good habits in our lives.  Imagine though if we knowingly applied this principle to our lives.  We decided to make our lives full of good habits.

The most important good habit we can have in our lives is prayer.  We read in Acts 10:2 that Cornelius was a man who, “…had the habit of prayer.” If there is one thing that will change your life it is a habit of prayer.  A habit of prayer can single-handedly replace the bad habits in your life.  Each of us should strive to make prayer a habit.  21 days is all that it takes to do this.  Imagine the difference a habit of prayer would be in your life.  It would be better for each of us to have a habit of 1 minute of prayer every day than to pray for an hour “when we have the time to”.  Make it your priority to establish a new, good habit in your life and make it a habit of prayer.