Over the past decade relations between the US and Venezuelan had fallen apart ending with broken diplomatic ties in September of 2008.  It was much to my surprise to read this past week that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that he was in support of President Barack Obama. 
            I bring this up as an illustration and not as a commentary on politics.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about what is best for America and for the world.  But that is a whole other discussion and debate.  The reason this story stuck out to me is that here is a man who less than a year ago broke diplomatic relations with the US and all of a sudden he is cheering for our leaders.  That should send up a red flag.
            There is a similar situation that should send up a red flag.  When the enemy of our soul, the devil, suddenly stops fighting us and is cheering us on, a red flag should be going up.  Peter told us that the devil is as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).  Anytime your enemy becomes your ally you should be questioning yourself and your walk with God.
            In politics, maybe Hugo Chavez had a change of heart.  But in spiritual warfare, the devil will never change his stance.  He is there to steal, kill, and destroy.  We already know the outcome of the enemy.  The devil and all his followers will be cast into eternal damnation.  There will never be a change of sides for the enemy.
            What this means then, if you are not fighting the enemy, then you are either fighting for him or he does not see you as a threat.  I know we all complain about fighting the devil and how bad it can be when he attacks.  But the truth of the matter is, I would rather be fighting the devil and know I am heading  in  the right direction than to have an easy Christian walk.
            Some believe that Jesus destroyed the devil when He rose from the grave that Easter morning.  But Jesus did not need to destroy the devil as Jesus already had all power in heaven and in earth.  The purpose of the cross was to allow us to overcome the devil in our lives.  So contrary to some opinions, the devil is alive and kicking, rather biting.  My pastor, Ken Gurley, always says, “If the devil is dead could someone do a forensic test and see who’s been biting me?”
            Yes it would be easier if we did not have temptations and tests down here on this earth.  Yes it would be easier if we did not have to fight the devil every step of the way.  But it was Sun-tzu who said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”  I would rather make it to heaven fighting the devil every step of the way than to head into eternity wondering whose side I was on.