Fall is in the air.  The sun is setting earlier each day.  The temperatures are dropping.  We are seeing rain again. What does this all mean?  Yes college football began this weekend but that is not what I was getting at.

Fall is a time of change.  I love living in Texas.  I especially love living in the Hill Country.  But if there was one thing I wished I could have brought down to Texas from Ohio, it would be the fall season.  In Texas the trees have their leaves until all of a sudden they turn brown and fall off the tree.  In Ohio, you can drive through the country side and see hill after hill of trees filled with their red, yellow and orange leaves. It is truly a beautiful sight. So to me, fall is more than just the short period between summer and winter.  It signifies a time of change.

I feel those same winds of change blowing through the world right now.  Some of it is good and some of it is bad.  There is a lot of political wind blowing right now.  But regardless of your opinion on politics and government,  there is a much stronger supernatural wind blowing.  God is wanting to do a quick work in these last days and I believe we are to be a part of it.

Joel prophesied that in the last days God would pour out His spirit upon all flesh.  I believe we are living in those last days and I believe God is wanting to do a work in these last days.  A spiritual wind is blowing and if we are ready, God will pour out His spirit.

Change does come with a price.  Do not forget that after the leaves turn colors, or simply brown, they begin to fall off of the tree.  This tells me two things.  First, with change comes a shedding.  A shedding of our pride.  The mighty oak becomes bare and exposed during this time of change.  In order for God to do what He desires in our lives, we often need to shed our pride and become exposed before God.  We allow God to see to the very core of who we are and affect us there.  The second thing I see when a tree loses all of its leaves is that one thing that affected me greatly as a child.  Somebody has to rake up all those leaves.  Much work must be done when change is in the air.

Fall is in the air.  Change is coming.  Let this season bring out the very best in you.  Allow God to change you and together let us work in the Kingdom of Heaven.