In Luke 13 Jesus talks about the kingdom of heaven.  It reads, “He said therefore, Unto what is the kingdom of God like? and whereunto shall I liken it?  It is like unto a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and cast into his own garden; and it grew, and became a tree; and the birds of the heaven lodged in the branches thereof.”

Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to a grain of mustard seed that when planted grows into a large tree.  Have you ever wondered why a mustard seed?  We often think it is because of the size of seed.  I do not believe that is it.  There are much smaller seeds.  Maybe it is because of how big of a tree the small seed becomes; the ratio of seed size to tree size.  I do not believe that is it.  The giant sequoia does not begin with a giant seed.  It’s ratio of seed to tree size is greater than the mustard seed.

Here is what I believe it to be.  A single mustard seed will grow into a tree that produces millions of mustard seeds each year.  The sequoia which is 10 to 20 times larger than the mustard tree will only put out a couple of thousand seeds each year.

Jesus wanted us to know that faith and the kingdom of heaven is exponential.  A little bit of faith produces great faith.  A little bit of effort can change an entire church.  Our work in the kingdom of God is exponential.

What can you plant today that God can multiply?  Who can you touch today that God can exponentially increase your effort?  I believe that if we realized the exponential factor that we would invest much more into the kingdom of God.

In God’s world 1 small thing can make a big difference.  Every minute detail of what you do in the kingdom of God can have a profound effect.  Being a door greeter, hostess, parking lot attendant, praise singer, or musician is not your job, it is the planting of a mustard seed.