They are cute, at first, then they start to get annoying.  It is not your first born child.  It is the Roomba.  The little disc vacuum cleaner that automatically cleans your carpets while you work on other things around the house or even while you are not there.  The concept is simple, this robotic vacuum cleaner roams your house sucking up dirt and debris until the floors are clean.  The way it works is, it travels in a straight line until it hits something; a wall, a chair, the dog.  Then it turns and goes another direction until it hits something else.  The logic is that with enough bumping and turning it will eventually clean every inch of your carpet.

In Habakkuk 1 we see the vision that God gave Habakkuk concerning the people of Israel.  He noted that God had made the people, “As so many fish in the ocean, swimming without direction, swimming but not getting anywhere” (Habakkuk 1:14).  What a sad story of their lives.  Moving without direction and ultimately not getting anywhere.  Kind of like a Roomba.  We take off until we hit a brick wall then we turn and go another direction until we hit a brick wall where we turn and go another direction.

That danger of this was that the fisherman knew how to catch these great multitudes of fish and they would position their boats and cast their nets accordingly to bring in a great catch.  When you move without direction you are creating an opportunity to be caught by the enemy.  The old saying goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”   Do not let your lack of direction be a stumbling block that your enemy takes advantage of.  Aimlessly wondering only causes you to get nowhere.  Get somewhere.  Do something.  Pick a direction and head in it.

People wonder aimlessly through their walk with God.  Here is how you get direction, get involved in a church ministry.  You should have a ministry around the church.  You may say, “Well I do not know what God wants me to do.”  God wants you to be a servant.  Just do anything.  Be a parking lot attendant.  Be a weed sprayer.  Be a kool-aid mixer for Sunday School.  Be something.  Get a direction and get moving in that direction.  God will ultimately direct your path.  He will open your eyes and the doors in your life and your ministry that He wants you to go through.

There is only one real reason to wonder aimlessly through life, a lack of faith.  The Israelites had to wonder 40 years in the wilderness before God allowed them to conquer their promised land. A generation of unbelievers had to die off before they could go in.  What promised lands are you missing out on because you are moving without direction?  Do you know where you are going to be 1 month from now?  What about 1 year from now?  How about 5 years from now?  What direction is your life taking you?

A one month goal is worthless without a 5 year goal because the one month goal is the first step in the right direction towards your 5 year goal.  This principle permeates every area of your life; your walk with God and ensuing ministry, your family and financial well being, your job and attitude in life.  Proverbs says where there is no vision—no specific end in mind–the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18).  Without a direction you are only bringing destruction to your life.  Think big, speak bigger, but step small.  You do not need to conquer the world overnight.  Just step in a specific direction that will ultimately end up where God would have you to be doing what God would have you to do.  Do not be a Roomba, bumping into walls and changing direction.  Bust through your walls.  Knock down your obstacles.  Move with a destination in mind.  Move with direction and watch God bless your life.